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Ecological Solutions,Inc.
Emphasizing practical solutions for all your water quality and environmental concerns...


        Since 1996, Ecological Solutions, Inc. (ECS) has provided their clients the expertise and personal service needed to complete their projects on-time and within budget.  Our company provides consulting services to wide range of clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region, specializing in aquatic resource management, ECS maintains a staff of knowledgeable scientists that provide the following services:  

                                      Lake and Pond Management
                                Aquatic Plant Management Programs
                                  Macroinvertebrate/Fishery Surveys
                                           Water Quality Monitoring
                                    Wetland Delineation & Permitting
                                         Habitat Restoration Projects
                               Accumulated Sediment Removal Projects





Authorized Scott Aerator Distributor

                             Authorized BioWorld Distributor
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