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Biological Surveys

Ecological Solutions Inc. maintains a staff of biologists and aquatic ecologists that have years of experience in a variety of biological sampling techniques. They provide expertise in macroinvertebrate sampling, identification, and analysis; fishery surveys; terrestrial and aquatic habitat assessments;aquatic plant surveys; and threatened and endangered species surveys. 



Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Surveys

  • Sample Collection and Identification
  • EPA RBP Analysis Techniques
  • Environmental Impact Studies

      Fishery Surveys

    • Electrofishing and Net Sampling
    • Creel Surveys
    • Population Studies
    • Habitat Assessments
    • Stocking Programs
    • Fishery Management Plans

    Aquatic Plant Management Programs

    • Aquatic Plant Inventories and Mapping
    • Herbicide/Algaecide Control Programs
    • Aeration System Installation & Maintenance
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