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Fisheries Management
Ecological Solutions Inc. offers a complete line of fishery management services. We utilize various techniques to evaluate a fishery. They include: electrofishing, gill netting,  hoop netting, and tagging.  Our fisheries biologist can make stocking recommendations, create a harvesting program, provide habitat structure recommendations, or help you manage a trophy bass or pan fishery.  We also offer fish removal services in the case of a draw down or undesired species.

Electrofishing Surveys

Is an efficient cost effective method for sampling fish species unharmed within your lake or pond. Species diversity, condition of fish, and population dynamics can be determined from this collection method.  

A well balanced fishery contains fish from several different age classes. 


A balanced fishery contains a diversity of fish of different species and lengths. In a balanced bass fishery the ratio of bass to sunfish should be maintained at a rate of 3 to 1.

A comprehensive report is provided with all our fishery assessments and includes:analysis of predator to prey relationships, age and length class distributions, assessment of the condition of individual species,
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