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Lake and Pond Managment
Ecological Solutions Inc. offers a complete line of lake and pond management services. Our staff of aquatic ecologists are competent in the collection and analysis of water samples; the biological sampling and identification of aquatic insects, plankton, aquatic plants and fish; and use the most up-to-date computer modeling and field assessment techniques. In addition to providing sampling and analysis, our staff works with the clients on permitting issues and the development of complete management plans.

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Surface and Ground water sampling
  • Non-Point Source Pollution Evaluation
  • Development of Lake/Pond Nutrition Budgets
  • Lake Sediments Collection and analysis



Planning and Permitting

  • Development of Lake Management Plans
  • Watershed Assessments
  • Shoreline Restoration Projects
  • Completion of Dam Safety Permit Applications





Biological Sampling and Analysis

  • Fishery surveys( boat electrofishing and nets)
  • Macroinvertebrate and Plankton sampling
  • Aquatic Plant Inventories

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